Akyweb.com Pte Ltd is a Singapore web design and application programming FIRM. we provides web design, website development, application programming, ecommerce solution, website/email hosting and internet marketing for businesses. No matter what your needs, we have the experience and personnel to design your web site and bring your products and services on-line quickly and professionally.

Akyweb.com Pte Ltd, is incorporated in 1992. Over the last decade, we have developed our core competencies along project management in IT solutions. IT Solutions that ride on the backbone of the Internet infrastructure are our prerogative. Up to date we have more than 300 clients in Singapore and 50 in Malaysia. Our clients including listed company, government sector, MNC Companies, Non-profit organisation, SME, School and etc. In the year 2000 , we have set up a company in Johor, Malaysia , named as Akyweb Application developer and designer to give further support to our Singapore office. In the year 2004, we incorporated another Malaysia Branch office called Akyweb Solution Sdn Bhd to expend our business in Johor, Malaysia.


Consultant Team   Programming Team   Designing Team

Mr. Jason ANG
Principal Consultant
(founder of Akyweb.com Pte Ltd)

  Mr. Ang Kian Ting
Chief Programmer
  Ms. Xie XiaoTing
Web Designer
Mr. Mic Teoh
IT & SEO Consultant
  Mr. Tan Yih Kiat
Senior Programmer 
  Mr. Cui Ze Wei
Web Designer
Mr. Jackie Pang
IT & SEO Consultant
  Mr. Hadwin Ng
  Ms. Meng Chang Ling
Web Designer
Mrs. Yong Chai Ing,
Account Executive
  Mr. Jou Ruo Chen
  Ms. Wei LiHua
Web Designer
Mr. Nicholas Chiew
IT & SEO Consultant
  Mr. Roger Jou
Mr. Sam Ong
IT & SEO Consultant
  Ms. Hanis


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